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K-Tec Systems is a global engineering company and distributor of advanced control and automation technology with over 27 years of experience. Founded in 1989 in Pontiac, Michigan, by our President, Catherine Koch, a young energetic single working mother, K-Temp Control Systems was the original name of the company. The K in K-Temp stands for Kelvin, a temperature starting point of absolute zero which represents Cathy Koch, who started this business with nothing.

frozen fruit processing, color sensors, food

global engineering company

With our President’s marketing background and sales experience in this sector, the company started as a manufacturers’ representative selling wire, infrared sensors, and silicon controlled rectifiers. After building a cash reserve, K-Temp soon began operating as a non-stocking distributor adding temperature controllers, thermocouples, and other test equipment to its expertise. One of K-Temp’s first achievements was securing a blanket order from General Motors. From this point on, the company grew exponentially in the automotive sector and also in the plastic industry.

In 1995, K-Temp moved to Southfield, Michigan and was no longer a manufacturer representative but a full non-stocking distributor.  Its growth expanded into Ohio presenting new opportunities with chemical, food, and aerospace industry customers.

By 2004, with the shift in the industry towards Internet buying, K-Temp focused on hands-on customer service and full integration with custom engineered solutions. K-Temp understood that companies needing temperature, pressure, and flow technology were vast and the opportunity to offer more comprehensive solutions in the industry was its niche. In 2008 K-Temp Control Systems was changed to K-Tec Systems and relocated to Farmington Hills.

Throughout the decades, K-Tec Systems has expanded its network and engineering expertise to suppliers and customers. Today K-Tec Systems specializes in seamlessly integrating temperature, pressure, and flow solutions. The company is currently in the process of acquiring ISO 9001 certification.

K-Tec Systems is a privately owned WBENC and WOSB certified company that shares a deep sense of pride with a firm commitment to quality and service. K-Tec Systems has a responsibility to its clients to provide the most efficient and environmentally safe products and solutions. K-Tec’s goal is to make sure its customers have what they need on time, on budget, and with the automatic highest possible quality.

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