K-Tec Systems provides a large variety of thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors (RTD). All of our thermocouples are engineered to fit your exact specifications and ensure continuous long lasting operation. Our solutions are known for their reliability and suitability and are tested and verified for accuracy before shipping to customers in our 17025 certified lab.  We also provide 17025 certifications for other manufacturers and heat-treaters that do not have this capability.

thermocouple, boiler room, temperature pressure, temperature sensors, flow control
electronic connectors, plugs, jacks, thermocouple
    • Wire style
    • Bayonet (adjustable, fixed)
    • Probe (w/ leads, w/o leads)
    • Washer
    • Industrial
    • Brake
    • Surface mount
    • Clamp
    • Industrial Base metal
    • Melt bolt (adjustable tip, rigid plug, flexible plug)
  • RTDs
    • Screw cover head RTD
    • RTD probe with leads
    • Probe style RTD
    • Wire style
    • Connectors (plugs and jacks)
    • Connector accessories
    • Compression fittings
    • Terminal barrier strips
    • Bayonet accessories
    • Insulators
    • Tubes/wells


Wire harnesses on aircraft assembly line